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This source of information about home-based learning in Canada is owned by Life Media, a 38-year-old Canadian independent media and publishing company. Read more about Life Media.)

The co-founder and editor is Wendy Priesnitz, who organized the Canadian homeschooling movement in the 1970s with the launch of the Canadian Alliance of Homeschoolers, the first national home-based learning advocacy organization. She subsequently inspired and/or helped launch provincial advocacy and  support groups across the country. She is the mother of two home-educated daughters (born in 1972 and 1973). She is also the author of what is believed to be the first home-based learning research in Canada (conducted in the early 1980s), has written a number of books and hundreds of articles on the subject, speaks regularly to national media, assists writers/journalists with their story research, and edits Life Learning Magazine, which she founded in 2002. She also edits Natural Life Magazine, which she and her husband Rolf founded in 1976 in order to work at home while facilitating the home-based education of their two daughters. (Read more about Wendy Priesnitz.)

This website primarily uses the term "life learning" to refer to children's education that takes place outside of schools. The terms "homeschooling," "home-based learning," "unschooling," "deschooling," "autonomous learning," and others are also sometimes used to refer to this type of learning lifestyle. (Read more about terminology.)

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