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Welcome! Whether you're interested in unschooling and self-directed education, or a more formal approach to homeschooling in Canada, you'll find what you need to get started on this site.

Learning in the Real World
A retired school teacher acquaintance recently acquired her first computer. After plugging it in and connecting the components according to the instructions, she called me to ask if I could recommend a course that she could take to learn how to use her new toy. I said I couldn’t recommend a course because I’ve never taken a computer course in my life. Then how in the world, she wondered, had I become such a proficient computer user?
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The Gifts That Homeschooling Gives
It’s a given that homeschooling is wonderful for kids; we all know the stats, the studies, the research. We see the evidence in front of our faces every day as we watch our children explore their worlds in luscious, loving freedom. But there are other benefits that are not so well known; it is not understood how richly homeschooling benefits us as parents.
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Don't Worry About Socialization
One of the main concerns homeschoolers and unschoolers hear about their home-based learning choice involves socialization. But, in reality, socialization is one of the many reasons families choose home-based learning!
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